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        After the Philippines closed due to covid in 2020 we decided to look into expanding our efforts to Africa.  With some Divine help and being at the right place at the right time, we established a friendship with the Roane family who are owners of Taasa Lodge in Tanzania.  Jim Roane introduced us to the great needs at the local school in Ololosokwan village.  In December 2021 we funded a trip for volunteers and started constructing the building of the "Eugene H. Sturgill"  classroom.

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This trip went so well that we decided to begin more projects in this area of Africa. The next planned trip we had was in July and August 2022, with funding help from members of World Playground  ( During this volunteer trip our group worked on a new Boys dormitory. Our volunteers had a great experience during this trip, so we again decided to expand this program.

Over these past few months, we have updated the volunteer experience to provide a world class safari and a deeper immersion in the Maasai culture. This will be paired with participation in building teachers headquarters for the school. Future trips will also include humanitarian water projects with Wine to Water, helping the local clinic with dental and medical missions.  We are currently looking for Doctors, Dentists and hygienists who would like to help with humanitarian projects and experience an amazing Safari along the way. The next trip this year will be held in early July 2025.  Ground cost begins at $6800pp.

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