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Volunteer Abroad

Upcoming Trips

The trips to Africa and the Philippines are formally organized trips. A trip to Ukraine would be informal and you would plan the itinerary and action plans yourself.



Each year we send a group of volunteers during the Summertime. Volunteers participate in humanitarian projects such as building a new dormitory for teachers. This trip also entails a luxury safari and other experiences unique to Africa. This trip costs approx $10,000. Roane travel design helps you fill your itinerary and cater the experience to you.

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Each year, we plan several trips to the Philippines where we will work on projects such as feeding the hungry, doing dental and medical procedures, and other various service projects. The trip costs approximately $3,000 per person and we ask volunteers to make a $500 donation to the Philippine fund.

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Ukraine is currently at war with Russia. We ask all volunteers planning to serve the people to be wise in how they do so. There is much work to do in Poland and supplies can be sent into Lviv, Ukraine where they can then be shipped to various parts of Ukraine that have been the hardest hit. The trip  costs approximately $2,000 for a one week trip and then any funds raised are used to serve the people. 


Fill out interest form

If you are interested, fill out the interest form by selecting the button below. After filling out this form, you will receive an email detailing the information you need to know about the trip.


Pay for your trip

Create a Facebook Fundraiser (Optional)

If you wish to pay your own way, you don't need to fundraise. Otherwise, select the button below to learn tips and tricks with Facebook fundraising to help you fundraise the needed funds.


Liability Form

Before leaving on any trips, sign the below liability form.

***If you are going to Ukraine, please book your own flights and plan where you will stay. Before your leave, create a plan for your time in Ukraine. You may reach out to Rob Sturgill to get insights and networking connections to bless as many lives as possible. 


After the Trip

When you return from your trip we ask you to share your experiences with friends and family on social media. If you went to Ukraine, please turn in any receipts to Rob Sturgill through the link below and you will be reimbursed for the expenses spent on helping the people (depending on what was fundraised).

"Those weeks in Ukraine will forever impact my life. I was able to perform my violin for hundreds of refugees and lift their spirits. Thank you Type of Wood Charities for making my trip possible."

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