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Our efforts currently focus on sending food and supplies to newly liberated villages in Southern and Eastern Ukraine.  We have purchased Vans and a Semi-truck to help in the deliveries to these war-torn areas of Ukraine. We have partnered with Grace Evangelical Church in Columbus, Ohio and The International Humanitarian Hub in Rivne, Ukraine to transport in-kind donations from USA and Europe to our warehouse in Ukriane.  From our warehouse volunteer drivers deliver this aid to those individuals in greatest need.

We now have over 100 volunteer-drivers who deliver needed supplies to the frontlines daily.  All donations and purchased supplies are documented and tracked all the way to the end user. We have held in-kind donation drives in the USA and continue to send monetary donations to help this assistance to thousands of Ukrainians.  Recent purchases have been fuel, flour and wood-burning ovens for baking bread.  Volunteers have travelled from the USA to help at refugee Centers in Poland and some (understanding the risk of being in a war zone) have helped with efforts in Ukraine.  We pray that the War will end and that future trips will be held to travel into Ukraine and help in the rebuild of this beautiful country!

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In late February of 2022, after watching the news and seeing scenes of women and children being separated from their husbands and fathers, we knew we needed to help.  Our initial efforts, within days of the invasion, were shuttling women and children from Ukriane to safe places in Europe, mainly Poland.  This led to our volunteers delivering life-saving supplies into Ukraine in addition to shuttling people out.

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